Emissions Platform terms of service

Last updated 27 February 2024, 8:22am
  1. By registering for the Air New Zealand Cargo or Corporate Emissions Platform (Platform) you: 
    1. Confirm that you are authorised to act on behalf of the entity you represent (Customer) and have the necessary delegated authority to sign the Customer up to the Platform; 
    2. acknowledge that the Platform is operated by our third party, CHOOOSE AS. CHOOOSE is responsible for calculating your emissions and facilitating all transactions. For more information on CHOOOSE (including the terms of service which will apply) click here; and
    3. acknowledge that, to enable functionality and access to the portal, Air New Zealand will share Customer personal information with CHOOOSE. 
  2. These terms of service should be read in conjunction with Air New Zealand's website terms of use and privacy centre (which apply to the use of the Air New Zealand website and are hereby incorporated into and form part of these terms of service).