Data loggers

Air New Zealand accepts a variety of cargo monitoring devices on our aircraft.

Should you include any monitoring device in your shipment(s) you must: 

  • Ensure it is on the list of approved data loggers and tracking devices.
  • Advise the agent when booking the shipment.
  • Include the following information in the 'handling section' on the air waybill:
    • Device type e.g. tracker
    • Make and model e.g. Sendum PT300D
    • Cell or battery type e.g. lithium ion


Device not on the list of approved devices

You can complete and submit an Approval Request for the device if you can't find it on the list of approved data loggers and tracking devices. The approval process may take up to two months. Please make sure to supply all the relevant documents and include clear references.

Note: The shipper is responsible for any/all other carrier approvals should their shipment be transferred to another carrier.  

Approved data loggers and tracking devices