Cargo claims

If your shipment on an Air New Zealand flight was subject to damage, delay, or loss, you can make a claim. Please note that Air New Zealand Cargo manages claims for cargo and unaccompanied baggage only.

Conditions of carriage

Air New Zealand's liability is limited in accordance with the relevant laws and international conventions governing air travel, in addition to our New Zealand domestic and international conditions of carriage.

Time limits for reporting and making a claim

There are strict time limits for making a claim. We recommend that you submit an Intent to/Proforma/Preliminary claim as soon as possible and within the following time limits: 

  • Total loss: 120 days from issuance of the air waybill
  • Partial loss: 14 days from receipt of the goods
  • Damages: 14 days from receipt of the goods
  • Delay: 21 days from when the cargo was placed at disposal of the consignee

Following submission of an Intent to/Proforma/Preliminary claim, you can lodge a Value/Formal claim at any time. Alternatively, you can skip submission of the Intent to/Proforma/Preliminary claim providing you lodge a Value/Formal claim instead, within the time limits above.

How to lodge a claim

Lodge an Intent to/Proforma/Preliminary claim

An Intent to/Proforma/Preliminary claim is a legal notification by the consignee or shipper to Air New Zealand that your shipment was subject to loss, damage, or delay.

The person named on the master airway bill can submit an Intent to/Proforma/Preliminary claim.

Lodge a Value/Formal claim

A Value/Formal claim is a legal request by the consignee or shipper against Air New Zealand in respect of damage, loss, or delay to your shipment.

The person named on the master airway bill can submit a Value/Formal claim.

You will need to include the following information, where applicable. Failure to provide all documentation may result in your claim being rejected or delayed.

  • Copy of 'Intent to Claim'
  • Copy of MAWB
  • Copy of HAWB
  • Commercial invoice with values
  • Destruction certificate if goods have been disposed of
  • Repair quotation
  • Evidence of mitigation
  • Copy of marine surveyor/loss adjustor report
  • Electronic photo evidence