Cargo Emissions Platform

Emissions reporting and purchasing carbon credits.

Register for the Air New Zealand Cargo Emissions Platform powered by CHOOOSE™ to better understand and gain access to reports detailing your organisation's emissions on Air New Zealand cargo services. The platform also gives you the option to purchase carbon credits from certified international projects.

About the Cargo Emissions Platform

The Cargo Emissions Platform gives you access to a dashboard of your organisation's emissions generated on Air New Zealand cargo services. A full overview of your emissions from air freight makes it easy to understand, track and report on your climate impact. You can also purchase carbon credits from verified projects.

How to register

Your organisation must be an existing Air New Zealand Cargo customer to be eligible to access the platform.

Only your organisation's primary contact with Air New Zealand has the correct permission to register the organisation to the Emissions Platform. During the registration process, they have the option to either register themselves or nominate a colleague.

If you meet the above criteria, click 'Get started', enter your email and click 'Sign in'.

Emissions calculator

Enter a few details about your shipments with Air New Zealand Cargo to estimate your emissions below, based on industry average data.

Climate projects

Support verified climate projects and buy carbon credits equivalent to your carbon footprint. You can explore the projects on the map below.

Frequently asked questions


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