Ground handling process in 6 steps

1. Prepare cargo and packing list

You are responsible for the preparation of your cargo in a manner suited to air travel. You will also need to provide a packing list or 'proforma invoice' with line-item of sender/receiver, what is being shipped, and item costs.

2. Drop cargo

Once your cargo is ready to travel, take it to the Air New Zealand cargo acceptance location.

3. Complete air waybill and security declaration

The Air Waybill (AWB) is a document required to ship cargo internationally and is completed by or on behalf of the shipper by a Freight Forwarder, an Air New Zealand Cargo Office, or an agent appointed by us for the purposes of:

  • Documentary evidence of the Contract of Carriage
  • Proof of receipt of the goods for shipment
  • Freight bill
  • Guide for handling, dispatching and delivering the consignment

You will be guided through other paperwork requirements such as Security Declaration at the Cargo Office counter.              

4. Pay to move cargo

Once your physical cargo and paperwork has been prepared, it's ready to pay by credit card or eftpos only.

5. Track cargo

Monitor the progress of your cargo from collection to delivery via our online tracking function.

6. Collect cargo

The last part of the cargo journey is the collection from the destination airport. The receiver will be required to ensure that all local import formalities such as Customs and biosecurity clearances have been met before uplift from the local Cargo Office.