International cargo pets

Moving pets around the world.

Our pets service

If you have a pet travelling from New Zealand, you have come to the right place for how to do that.  If your pet is travelling from other countries, you will need to check with the region concerned on how to best prepare for their travel.

Pets cannot commonly travel as checked in baggage on international Air New Zealand flights.  Instead we maximise your pets' comfort by offering some of the same comforts our passengers enjoy by providing fully pressurised and temperature controlled conditions in our 'cargo' hold.

Approved pet transporters

Air New Zealand does not accept animals directly from the public because of the complexity involved in completing the pre-flight documentation, the Ministry for Primary Industries compliance and veterinary checks. Approved pet transporters or an IATA agent will have to assist you with moving your pet.

Our pet transporters must go through a formal registration and approval process before we entrust them to care for your pet's travel arrangements to our standards.  We recognise that we are dealing after all with family members - no matter which exterior they are bundled into!

Can my pet travel?

Not all pets are equal.  We may not be able to fly your pet if it is:

  1. brachycephalic breed,
  2. It is too young
  3. An embargoed breed at the destination, 
  4. If it is not 'domestic' as defined by the IATA regulations

Note also, that live animals may not be accepted for every day of the week.

Air New Zealand cargo does not accept racing greyhounds for travel on services to or from Europe and Asia.

If a greyhound is a domesticated family pet (not for racing or breeding purposes), a request can be made to the Cargo Management team for consideration through your local Air New Zealand office.  Evidence must be supplied confirming the animal has been a domesticated family pet for 12 months minimum.  The request will be assessed and approvals given once the Cargo Management team are satisfied the animal is not for commercial gain.

Your pet may be able to travel on the same flight as you depending on the destination airport and day of week.  IATA offer some tips about pets travelling by air transport.

How much is it going to cost to send my pet?

The cost to send your pet will dependent on the destination, size/weight, cage requirements, and administration time to prepare required travel documents such as vet certificates.  Check out how much it will cost to send your pet directly with your chosen pet transporter or IATA agent.

Book pet travel

Contact one of our approved pet transporters or IATA agent now to get your pet travel underway.  Although these specialists will provide you with the most current requirements and resources to prepare your pet for travel, you can get a head start by completing the acknowledgement and indemnity form in advance.

Collecting your pet

You can collect your pet from our cargo location at the destination point of your pets journey.  Find your cargo collection point.

Frequently asked questions

The carriage of live animals by air is regulated by various Government authorities as well as by Air New Zealand and IATA.  Air New Zealand sets as a minimum standard the provisions of IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR).  This is a yearly publication covering acceptance, packaging, labelling, stowage and handling of animals for carriage by air.

How long are the pets in their crate before a flight?

What can we put in our pet's travel container?

What are the conditions for animals in cargo? Are they checked on?

What happens if a health problem occurs with the animal before, during or after the flight?

Are there any additional safety precautions in place for the animals as soon as they are under the care of the airline?

Are there behavioural or health risks associated with flying with an animal in cargo (Ie: heart/breathing conditions, separation anxiety afterward)?

Can I sedate my pet?