Dangerous goods

As the carriage of dangerous goods by air is regulated by various government authorities as well as by Air New Zealand and IATA, if you want to send them and are not certified to do so, contact us. Certain other types of dangerous goods are only accepted at Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch even though we can ship them to most destinations. Some dangerous goods cannot be accepted for carriage.

Dangerous goods must be presented to us between 9:00am and 5:00pm daily, unless prior arrangement has been made. This way, our trained staff can check the paperwork, packing and labelling compliance in line with IATA rules and regulations.

We will accept dry ice shipments and diagnostic specimens at most of our airports.

Flammable liquid powered machinery

Any flammable liquid powered equipment, e.g. chainsaws, lawnmowers, hedge-trimmers, is considered to be a dangerous good unless it has been purged of all fuel by a qualified Service Provider. This includes new items, as even new items may have had flammable liquid run through the fuel system as part of the manufacturing process. Even if the fuel tank itself is empty there could be traces of fuel in other parts of the equipment.

There are two options to send such cargo with us:

  • You can present it as a fully regulated dangerous goods shipment with the associated Shippers dangerous goods declaration and packaged as per the IATA dangerous goods regulations
  • Present it with a Purge Certificate on company letterhead, dated, with name and signature of who undertook the purging (certifies that the fuel tank and the fuel system has been purged of fuel and it can travel as a non-dangerous good shipment). Note that the receipt from where the equipment was purchased is not considered a Purge Certificate)