National cargo process in 7 steps

1. Check Restrictions

Not all cargo is equal. Some restrictions may apply for safety and other reasons. It's best to check these before going any further.

2. Select Product and Service

Determine which product and service is best going to suit based on the features which are important to you. Our prices might assist your decision.

3. Make Booking

For you to be assured your cargo will travel, you will need to book space on our aircraft in advance.

4. Prepare Cargo

You are responsible for the preparation of your cargo in a manner suited to air travel. Please view our shipping guidelines.

5. Drop Cargo

Once your physical cargo and paperwork has been prepared, it's ready to take to the Air New Zealand cargo acceptance location.

6. Complete Consignment Note

The consignment note is a document required to ship cargo nationally and can be completed at the airport directly. The purpose of the consignment note is:

  • Documentary evidence of the contract of carriage
  • Proof of receipt of the goods for shipment
  • Guide for handling, dispatching and delivering the consignment

7. Collect Cargo

The last part of the cargo journey is the collection at destination. How quickly you can retrieve it will be determined by the product and service it travelled under.