National Shipping Guidelines

Weight and Dimensional Limits per Aircraft Type

Check with us first if any of these weight and size restrictions apply to your cargo:

Regional shipments

Weight >32kg, wider than 100cm (39"), higher than 100cm (39"), longer than 100cm (39").

Metro shipments

Weight >900kg, wider than 140cm (55"), higher than 105cm (41"), longer than 140cm (55"). 

Volumetric weight

The cost of sending goods is based on the greater of actual or volumetric weight. Calculate volumetric weight: Length x Height x Width (in cm) / 6000 = the weight that will be charged.

Packing Requirements

You must ensure you package your goods so they are secure for carriage with ordinary care and handling. If your packaging is not sufficient, your shipment may have to be rejected.

  • Dry goods - fit for weight, no risk of protrusions, firmly packed (no movement)
  • Metal
  • Liquids
  • Perishable or chilled goods
  • Firearms
  • Dangerous goods

Shipments Requiring Prior Arrangements and Booking

Whilst most items can be sent by just visiting the Cargo team at your local airport, there are some shipments that you do need to book or discuss with us prior to carriage. These include:

  • Items requiring special care, attention or arrangements en route
  • Shipments of large dimensions or weight (see above for restrictions)
  • Human remains shipments
  • Shipments of live animals

Presenting a Shipment

It is a requirement to provide a government issued photo ID at the time of presenting a shipment for an Air New Zealand flight. This requirement includes animal shipments. Unless you hold an account with us you will need to pay for the carriage of your shipment at the time you present it. All of our ports can accept payment by eftpos or credit card only. Animal shipments must be prepaid at the time of your booking.

Conditions of Carriage

Goods carried by Air New Zealand are carried pursuant to the Domestic Carriage of Goods Act 1979 and the Air New Zealand conditions of carriage cargo international.